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Math Mashup 🔢

29th May 2024, 4:30 pm PT

ELA Mashup 🔠

30th May 2024, 4:30 pm PT

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Check out the topics that will be covered in this Monthly Mashup Live Class for each grade


Math: Equal Sharing, Identifying Coins, Comparing Prices.

ELA: Letters: V, W, X, Y, Z, Word Categories, Synonyms.


Math: Venn Diagrams, Measurement: Weight, Measurement: Capacity.

ELA: Prepositions, Antonyms, Making Connections, Similarities and Differences between Two Texts.

Grade 1

Math: Reading Time on Analog Clocks, Add and Subtract Money, Magic Square Puzzles.

ELA: Punctuation (Commas), Making Connections, Affixes & Contextual Clues.

Grade 2

Math: Number Patterns, Tangrams (2D Shapes), Number Riddles (Place Value, Odd or Even Numbers).

ELA: Apostrophes in Possessives, Apostrophes in Contractions, Compound Words.

Grade 3

Math: Equivalent Fractions, Conditional Commands (If, then, else), Calculating Earnings.

ELA: Quotation Marks in Dialogues, Compare and Contrast (IT), Commas in Addresses.

Grade 4

Math: Finding Areas of Rectangles, Building Cubes from Nets, Decimal Place Value.

ELA: Types of Sentences, Run on Sentence and Sentence Fragments, Commas and Quotation Marks.

Grade 5

Math: Encode and Decode Messages, Add Decimals, Evaluate Powers of 10.

ELA: Rules of Commas, Punctuations (1+2), Correlative Conjunction, Interjections.

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Makes screen time meaningful

As a parent and a former educator, I would say that it’s the perfect blend of making screen time useful and applying math skills from school. It’s fun and allows her to continue to grow at her own pace.

Candice Thomas

Parent of Kindergartener

Progress reports keep me updated

Every day she picks what she wants to learn, and to her, it feels like playing games! The best part is that they email you progress reports to understand how they are doing and where they need help. I absolutely love this program!

Janessa Marcos

Parent of 1st Grader

All my kids love it!

It’s such a fun way to get kids excited about learning. The cool thing is that you can add multiple kids and keep a track of their progress through the parent app.

April Bayot

Parent of 1st, 3rd and 4th Grader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Monthly Mashup?

The Monthly Mashup Live Class is a end-of-the-month Live Class open to all children for free. In this fun class, teachers will host a grand quiz based on all topics covered in the previous month.

What will my child learn in this class?

There are two classes, one each for math and ELA. The teacher will not teach any new topics but will help students revise concepts covered in the previous month through a quiz.

Is this class free?

This class is absolutely free to attend. No credit card or payment needed.

How can my child join this class?

You will receive a reminder 15 minutes before the class with the joining link. Alternatively, you can also join from your SplashLearn account. Just tap on the Live Class toggle and you’ll see the upcoming class at the top to join.

How do SplashLearn Live Classes work?

Live Classes are interactive virtual sessions conducted by experienced teachers. Classes are scheduled every Mon-Thu and cover a wide variety of topics across Math and Reading.

Are the Live Classes recorded?

Yes, all Live Classes are recorded and made available for playback. This allows children to revisit the classes at their convenience or catch up on any missed sessions.

Who will teach my child?

All Live Classes are conducted by experienced teachers who are enthusiastic, creative, and skilled in making learning enjoyable through interactive activities, engaging discussions, and exciting challenges, ensuring your child has a blast while learning!

Can my child access Live Classes from anywhere?

Yes, Live Classes are virtual and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, providing convenience and flexibility for families.

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Math Mashup

Patterns, Positions and directional Sense

ELA Mashup

Letters: R, S, T, U, High frequency words, Antonyms

Math Mashup

Money, Measurement: Length, Positions and directional Sense

ELA Mashup

Illustrations, Verbs, Punctuation

Math Mashup

Large numbers, Money and Patterns

ELA Mashup

Prepositions, Conjunctions, Sentences, Tenses 

Math Mashup

Add and subtract within 20, Place value understanding, Add within 1,000

ELA Mashup

Sentences, Capitalization, Main topic and key details, Compare and contrast

Math Mashup

Identifying patterns in calendars, Modeling and comparing fraction

ELA Mashup

Inference, Prediction, Arguments and evidences, Point of view

Math Mashup

Lines of symmetry in real world objects, Map reading and directional sense, Fluently add and subtract fractions

ELA Mashup

Compare and contrast (Lit), Cause and effect (Lit), Fact and opinion (IT)


Math Mashup

Top, side and front view of objects, Compare decimals, Round mixed numbers to the nearest whole number

ELA Mashup

Types of sentences, Sentence fragments, Facts and inferences (IT), Integrating text information (IT)